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mortal kombat 11 review : mortal kombat 11 is familiar. I say that largely as a compliment. It’s nostalgic, pulpy, and mercifully self-aware. Combat is punchy, responsive, and interesting . it’d be one among the simplest onboarding platforms for fighting game newcomers. Though it’s weighed down by a stifling stack of feature creep and currencies, the core of Mortal Kombat is flourishing in its eleventh installment.

Mortal Kombat 11 is that the resolution of the continued story threads stemming out from 2011’s Mortal Kombat, aka Mortal Kombat 9, which rebooted the franchise. therein game, Raiden altered the doomed timeline, which had ripple effects throughout the MK universe. Now, years later, as Raiden turns from peaceful defender to preemptive aggressor, Kronika, the keeper of your time , has decided to step in and proper things with one simple change: a do-over of all history without Raiden

mortal kombat 11 review

mortal kombat 11 description

Play because the entire Mk11 roster including new playable fighters sheeva and Fuji.

Experience every guest character including the newly added robocop and Kombat pack’s Terminator t-800, spawn and therefore the Joker
All-new krushingblows, friendships & iconic fatalities .

Brand-new stages and stage fatalities, Custom character variations system .

Purchase early and obtain Eternal Klash skin pack, Featuring MK9 Scorpion, MK: Deception Sub-Zero and Klassic Frost.

The Mk11: Aftermath Kollection contains Mortal Kombat 11, Kombat Pack and Mk11: aftermath. Purchase early and obtain Eternal Klash skin pack, Featuring MK9 Scorpion, MK: Deception Sub-Zero and Klassic Frost. 

within the original Mk11 cinematic story, you’ll combat the role of earthrealm’s protectors as a menacing new foe bends the forces of your time , threatening to show the tide and rewrite a dark history of their own making.

Aftermath continue the critically acclaimed storyline in an all-new adventure, where fragile alliances are tested and therefore the fate of two worlds persevere the balance. now’s the time to forge a replacement history.

mortal kombat 11 review

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Platform:PlayStation 4

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Platform:PlayStation 4

Release dateJune 16, 2020
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars    76 ratings
4.7 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#155 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)
#10 in PlayStation 4 Games
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Product Dimensions0.6 x 5.3 x 6.7 inches; 4.32 ounces
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ManufacturerWB Games
Date First AvailableMay 7, 2020

mortal kombat 11 review

mortal kombat 11 review 1

I’ve been an off-the-cuff fan of the series for a few years now and MK11 has the foremost robust single player content during a fighting game I’ve played yet.

As the tradition since MK9, Netherrealm has added an honest campaign to see out with great facial animations like Injustice 2. Although maybe not as memorable since tons of the fighters wear COVID-19 friendly masks covering their nose and mouth. It seems netherrealm has changed tons on the way graphics are rendered in-game.

If you compare it to MKX

If you compare it to MKX, it looks like their are some subtle downgrades for what i think to be a effort to release on the Nintendo Switch. this is often most noticeable during fatalities, you rarely get an equivalent amount of X-Rays as MKX and a few finishers seem a touch dialed down also . There are good amount of sort of stages and you’ll tell there’s been tons of effort made for a few callbacks to MK’s of yesteryear.

Back on target for single-player, you’ve got Towers of your time which is that the same because the multiverse from Injustice 2 The gear system is additionally included but also expanded to permit different stats on each bit of kit There also are AI battles that also are basically an equivalent and therefore the classic character towers are back as is that the MK tradition. The tutorial is perhaps the foremost expanded section that wasn’t expected.

its actually quite in-depth so you’ll easily learn tons a character’s play style or simply universal systems in any match. a pleasant thing about the Steam version of MK11 is that you simply can get practice recordings of other players from the workshop. The Krypt has been expanded also to now being a light-weight action-adventure as you discover secrets on the map while spending your earned currencies.

mortal kombat 11 review

mortal kombat 11 review 2

Multiplayer is strictly what you’d come to expect from MK: local & online matches with latter\tournament options.
Characters are mostly the star of the show and there’s an honest variety available via DLC, except for the bottom game, there’s tons to find out for the roster. you’ll be wanting to undertake all of them for a few time to ascertain which of them you wish with some characters being more beginner friendly than others.

This version of the game is supposed to have all content in one package, but this is not the case. Once again NetherRealm studios did not add the content you get when you sign up for their newsletter & did not add the bonus content you get for playing the mobile game. They did the same thing with Injustice Ultimate Edition.

Injustice 2 Legendary Edition, Mortal Kombat XL & now they’ve done it with MK11: Aftermath. STOP making complete editions that aren’t complete NetherRealm!

I pre-ordered the Aftermath Kollection at a reduced price and that i would say that’s worthwhile . If you’re interested by the DLC specifically, i will be reviewing that separately. the bottom game regularly goes on sale for around $18 and for that price, it might be worth considering if you’re a minimum of an off-the-cuff fighting game fan.

mortal kombat 11 review


Aftermath takes place exactly after the last scene of the campaign with its entire story line completely hooked in to bad time traveling logic. Try to not believe that detail and you’ll enjoy a couple of of the fun ideas they run with. However, it are often completed in around 3 hours. Aftermath also includes Sheeva.

Fujin & Robocop with some skins coming down the road. i can not really provides a firm opinion about any of the three , i have never spent enough time with them to understand but thus far Fujin is that the most fun to undertake out.

While I did have some fun with the additional campaign content, the truth is that this is often $20 too high. await a purchase or grab the Aftermath Kollection if you haven’t played the most game yet.

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