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mario kart live review : Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is an ambitious plan to bring the fabled racing series into your home, pairing a physical, camera-equipped RC kart with an AR-powered Nintendo Switch game. But does the sport get take first place or stall at the starting line? Here’s our Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Review.

Mario Kart Live’s premise is crazy, almost too crazy to be achieved reliably — it’s a physical Mario Kart RC, controlled by a Nintendo Switch, which then displays the kart’s POV with a camera that’s mounted on top. As if that weren’t enough, the sport overlays graphics onto the camera view to present an AR experience capable of fully recreating the Mario Kart experience. The catch is that courses are designed by you, and you race through your house .

mario kart live review

Introducing about mario kart live review

Mario Kart Live gives players the chance to create and race on their own custom tracks in real-life. In the box, you can find your own Mario or Luigi kart, each equipped with a little camera. This camera keeps track of the real world, displaying it through your Nintendo Switch.

Alongside your kart, you’ll find barriers that can be propped up around your house, providing the basis for your custom courses. The provided barriers are fairly straight forward to set up. You simply pop out the sides, flatten the cardboard and push the flaps into their designated tabs.

mario kart live review Details

Use your Nintendo Switch system to regulate a real-life Mario Kart
Create a course in your home by placing gates and watch the race come to life on screen in augmented reality
The kart will react as you boost, hit items and drift round the course
Unlock in-game environments, gates, costumes and more as you play
Up to 4 players can race round the house together (additional games, systems and karts required; sold separately)

mario kart live review Description

Control a real-life Mario Kart with Nintendo Switch and watch it come to life within the game!

Race a real-world Mario Kart through your home! Use the Nintendo Switch system to regulate your kart and watch because it reacts to what’s happening within the game as you boost and drift to victory. Your in-home course involves life on-screen with a view from right behind the driver’s seat.

Turn your home into a Mario Kart course of your design

Place gates and customize courses within the world , then see them wake up with different in-game environments like jungles and snowscapes and obstacles like Piranha Plants. Use objects from round the house to customize your courses, then watch the sport transform your home into the Mario Kart world.

mario kart live review

Zoom round the house with up to 3 friends

Bring along some friends to race around your custom course in Custom Race or Grand Prix! Just confirm each player has their own Nintendo Switch system, the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game and a Mario kart or Luigi kart.

The magic of augmented of reality doesn’t just mean you will see your course and opponents wake up on screen. Hit a lift within the game? Watch as your real-life Mario Kart accelerates . Get hit by a Green Shell? Look out, because your kart will slow down! If you’re worried about straying too faraway from the course, Smart Steering will help guide you along.

The races you progress through in Grand Prix mode are varied-the windy environment might push your kart to the side, while the in-game Piranha Plant gate will bite you if you pass the incorrect side. As you play, you’ll unlock more speed settings, costumes, and more! These can all be wont to create your custom course. Even Rainbow Road makes an appearance!

Custom course materials not included. Additional games, systems and karts required for multiplayer mode. Systems and karts sold separately. Game download required and available as free download on Nintendo eShop. Nintendo Switch Lite plays all games that support handheld mode.

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Product information

Edition:Mario Set

Release dateOctober 16, 2020
Customer Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars    67 ratings
4.8 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank#14 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)
#5 in Nintendo Switch Games
PricingThe strikethrough price is the List Price. Savings represents a discount off the List Price.
Product Dimensions15.54 x 7.35 x 5.66 inches; 3.19 Pounds
BindingVideo Game
Item model numberHACRRMAAA
Item Weight3.19 pounds
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableSeptember 3, 2020

mario kart live review 1

I’m not inclined to write down many reviews, but I felt I should for this game. i have been an enormous mario kart fan my entire life. I picked this game up to play with family and setup in house. It’s real easy to urge setup and playing. the sport itself you download off nintendo store for free of charge . Syncing the kart is straightforward , just an easy button continue the kart itself while following on screen instructions. The kart moves faster than i assumed .

mario kart live review

so an enormous room is best for doing this, or if you’ve got linking hallways and connected rooms. *tip* it doesn’t like driving abreast of rugs from a flat surface gets stuck; use a couple of plain pieces of notebook paper connecting flat surface to over rug and it will approach it just fine.

When playing game, you’re limited to the kart being within 15 feet of the console. you’ll be an area away or through a hallway, but if you begin approaching the 15 foot mark, it literally hits a deadzone spot and provides you connection errors and half connects…so it’s like dialup for the time you’re out of the 15ft or on the brink of it, then instantly when back reconnects strongly. i feel this is often an enormous limitation. Would be nice to possess how to increase that distance with a switch extender or something could connect another room or down the hall.

Great game, the sole thing that limits it’s the 15 foot distance, which theres no thanks to extend or compensate. most of the people do not have huge clear rooms, so using multiple connected rooms is useful , on the other hand the 15ft limitation gets within the way.

mario kart live Demo

mario kart live review 2

Obviously you are going to want hard floors for this to make sure the little kart is able to run on it. You also need a lot of free space to play this game right, but it works fantastically! The built in track design tool is top notch, and the camera picks everything up very fast, so your races are as real time as can be, with no lag that I’ve noticed.

And now for the bad. Anyone who’s ever played a Kart game knows that single player is fun, but multiplayer is where it’s at. Unfortunately, because of the nature of what this game actually is, you will need 2 Switches and 2 copies of the game and kart. So, basically another $400 if you already have a Switch and one copy of the game already.

Plus, if you don’t have any kind of hard floor in your home, or you have pet hair on your floor you may be in for a rough ride. The Karts aren’t made to take any kind of bumps, and like any RC car, animal fur is your enemy because it can and will get wrapped around the axels.

Luckily for me, we have 2 Switches in our house. Unlucky for me, the Luigi version is sold out practically everywhere already, though I obviously did score one as shown in the picture. One more slightly obnoxious thing about it is that they give you the world’s shortest USB-C cable and no power cube to charge it with.

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