lego star wars review & The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292 Building Kit, New 2020 (1,023 Pieces)

lego star wars review : The idea of retelling the story of Star Wars using Lego building blocks seems like the premise for an ingenious fan-made short film, something that might find yourself being passed around by e-mail and message boards. But Eidos and Traveller’s Tales have taken the thought and run with it, creating a game that, while designed with kids in mind, has such a surplus of charm that even nostalgia-minded adults are going to be ready to take part on the fun.

lego star wars review

lego star wars review Description

Kids can role-play as heroic warrior The Mandalorian and play out action-packed Star Wars: The Mandalorian scenes with this detailed, LEGO brick model of The Razor Crest (75292) starship.

This fun buildable toy includes 4 LEGO minifigures: The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper and therefore the Child, plus an IG-11 LEGO figure, all with cool weapons to role-play exciting battles.

The Razor Crest features a dual LEGO minifigure cockpit, 2 spring-loaded shooters, cargo area with opening sides/access ramps and carbonite bounty elements inside, sleeping area and detachable escape pod for creative play.

This 1,023-piece construction playset offers a challenging build and combines brilliantly with other LEGO Star Wars sets, and makes an excellent holiday gift or birthday gift for boys and girls ages 10+.

The Razor Crest dreadnought measures over 5.5” (14 centimeter) high, 15” (38 centimeter) long and 11” (28 centimeter) wide, and it makes an attention grabbing Star Wars: The Mandalorian display piece when it’s not getting used to move vital cargo.

Product description

Product Packaging:Frustration-Free Packaging : Relive bounty hunter The Mandalorian and therefore the Child’s battles against Scout Trooper and other enemies with The Razor Crest (75292) LEGO Star Wars building toy for teenagers .

lego star wars review

This brick-built armored transport shuttle features a cargo area with opening sides that double as access ramps and carbonite bounty elements inside, a dual LEGO minifigure cockpit, spring-loaded shooters, escape pod and more authentic details to inspire creative play.

A challenging build for ages 10 and up, this 1,023-piece starship construction kit includes 5 collectible LEGO Star Wars characters, including The Mandalorian and therefore the Child LEGO minifigures. It’s great for role play and combines with other LEGO Star Wars sets for even more action.

Since 1999, the LEGO Group has been recreating iconic starships, vehicles, locations and characters from the legendary Star Wars universe. LEGO Star Wars building toys are hugely fashionable awesome gift ideas for all ages.

lego star wars information

Product Packaging:Frustration-Free Packaging

Product Dimensions18.9 x 14.88 x 2.78 inches
Item Weight4.74 pounds
Item model number6320522
Manufacturer recommended age10 years and up
Best Sellers Rank#58 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games)
#2 in Building Toys
Customer Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars    98 ratings
4.8 out of 5 stars
Release dateSeptember 1, 2020
Mfg Recommended age10 – 21 years
lego star wars review

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lego star wars review

Absolutely love this Lego . Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or a LEGO fan, this is often an ideal set for you. the planning replicates the Razor Crest’s visual aspects quite well.

The product arrived each day early and in great shape. Nothing worse than ordering a dear collector item to seek out that the box was damaged during shipping. i used to be pleasantly surprised that this was shipped in not one, but TWO boxes. it had been like opening up one among the Russian nesting dolls, building the anticipation whenever another box was opened. This was an enormous improvement compared to another Amazon exclusive pre-orders I even have had within the past.

At ages 10+ and over 1000 pieces, it does take a touch of your time and patience to assemble. The parts were separated into 8 bags + 1 loose cockpit canopy. The instructions were also wrapped in its own bag. Overall, the instructions were mostly easy to follow with Lego standard pictures. there have been a couple of pages that showed what parts were being added, but not clearly identified on where they were to be installed.

It wasn’t terribly difficult to seek out them within the beginning, but once you’re well into the build, it can get challenging to ascertain where the littlest pieces are added. At 241 pages of instruction, budget a while for the build. Construction is extremely solid. This model doesn’t feel flimsy or fragile while playing. the sole pieces that appear to return off during normal play are the access doors, while actuating them through their range of motion. Included figures: 5 plus 2 carbonite blocks. Projectiles: 3. Handheld weapons: 6

lego star wars review

The set is riddled with compartments

The set is riddled with compartments, doors, and hinges which bring an ideal set to recreate scenes from the show. And in fact ….

how could you not love the “baby yoda”?! The cockpit does take off to reveal seating for 2 . there’s a further storage compartment behind the cockpit that gives weapon storage plus room for more. The storage compartment can’t be opened while the cockpit is on. 

you want to first remove the cockpit (which is formed easy, by alittle handle) then open the rear compartment. within the back, between the 2 engine nacelles, is that the escape pod. it’s held in loosely, making it easy for small ones to get rid of the pod. the highest cover of the escape pod also can be easily removed to suit one figure inside. Theres a complete of seven “doors” that open on the lower half the ship.

The front 2 conceal a weapons projectile cargo area (fits 3) and a bunk area. subsequent 2 mid doors are for individual figure doors. Think “door walk way access”, like when stepping into an airplane. The aft 3 doors open up to reveal the most storage bay of the ship, including the 2 figures who have had the unfortunate luck of being encased in carbonite. They neatly tuck into two slots in order that they’re not tossed around during high speed spaceflight . All of the access doors hospitable the bottom , making them into perfect access ramps.

lego star wars review

For the oldsters

For the oldsters …there are many small pieces. Obvious potential for choking. Additionally, there are 2 launchers that shoot light weight plastic dart like objects. they need a blunt tip, so you do not got to worry about puncturing the skin, but they are doing shoot a minimum of 10′, which might not feel good if you caught one within the eye. Lego does have it clearly marked for 10+, so I’m just reiterating for the oldsters with sons and daughters .

If you’re planning on displaying this model via ceiling suspension, you’ll need something stronger than thumb tacks. The model does have some decent weight thereto , making ceiling security a possible hazard and a devastation to any lego builder who took the time to create this beautiful piece of labor .

This Lego may be a great buy. it is a challenging build which will engage any child or adult. It’s faithful form representation of the Mandalorian series is agreeable to the attention . The form, function and feel are on par with other great products from lego. With many compartments and moving parts.

this wont be one to gather dust during a toy bin. i might recommend this to any lego or Star Wars fan.

Pricing: Initial release at $129 and already available through other vendors.

 i might expect the worth to eventually start coming down. The 2nd season of Mandarlorian is thanks to release in October 2020, so i would not expect to ascertain any big sales leading up to the vacations .
Purchase confidently

lego star wars review 2

I love this set. It has great figures (some people complain about not having Kuiil but.

I think the are going to make a set called Kuiil’s hut). There are not many design flaws. It has a lot of stickers and some big ones but I like stickers. Stickers are a precision test. They made a printed cockpit so there are no stickers there; it will last longer. There is a good amount of space inside. And it is massive!

I put five stars on the easy to assemble category but I believe that rating section does not give this set justice. It is not meant to be super easy to build, you NEED to pay attention. If you don’t pay attention to your builds you will mess up. On the first bag I messed up on one price and had to disassemble most of the thing. It is not meant to be a beginners set. All in all, this set has a difficult build, Which is good, and has a beautiful build.

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