hyperx pudding keycaps review & Double Shot PBT Keycap Set with Translucent Layer, for Mechanical Keyboards

hyperx pudding keycaps review : Often times I start accessory posts commenting on how intimidating the world of gaming accessories is. When you have hundreds of gaming headsets, every company makes five different mice, mousepads come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures and even mechanics, yet it over discounts the fun involved.

Unlike consoles, as important as performance is, there is a aesthetic value, which is what makes HyperX’s keycaps so much fun. Designed to bring out the beauty of your keyboard, do they make for a pleasing presentation or are you better off sticking with the stock ones?

hyperx pudding keycaps review

introducing about hyperx pudding keycaps review

If you’re someone looking for reliable keycaps, these puppies are given a 2-year guarantee straight out of the box. Maybe it’s the feel of the keycaps themselves that you’re concerned about? Well thankfully, they haven’t altered the tactile feel much from what the original keys were. And if you’re like most gamers wanting to adequately appreciate all the glorious RGB your keyboard can possibly emit, look no further.

After swapping these Pudding Keycaps, it’s clear how much the stock keycaps blanketed the RGB output. Even with the RGB settings maxed, there was much less light output even the Pudding Keycaps’ lowest setting. We’re talking 10 times as bright if not more!

Comparing the price points of other 104-key sets, HyperX’s new keycaps are on par or lower than what’s out there. Excellent performance for a fair price, that’s a win-win. I highly recommend these keycaps for anyone with a full-size RGB mechanical keyboard with swappable keys

Description of hyperx pudding keycaps review

Translucent design: The dual-layer design of those keycaps is meant to let more light through, making your keyboard’s RGB lighting even more stunning.

Durable double shot PBT material: These PBT keycaps are made with thick walls and are immune to wear, friction, and solvents.

Signature HyperX font: Our bold, wide font allows for more light to shine through, enhancing the visibility and legibility of the individual keys.

Stylish keycap removal tool included: Our keycap removal tool is specially-designed to exactly fit HyperX keycaps.

Compatibility: the complete key set is compatible with HyperX and most mechanical gaming keyboards. They complement the exposed LED design of HyperX mechanical key switches.

hyperx pudding keycaps review

hyperx pudding keycaps review Details

are the right thanks to upgrade your keyboard. The keycaps feature a translucent dual-layer design to let more light through. Our signature HyperX font is bold and wide, allowing more light to shine through to reinforce the visibility and legibility of the individual keys. These double shot PBT keycaps are thicker, more durable, and more immune to solvents. 

the complete key set is compatible with HyperX and most other mechanical gaming keyboards and are available with a trendy HyperX keycap removal tool for straightforward installation.

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Technical Details

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Brand NameHyperX
SeriesHyperX Pudding Keycaps
Item model numberHKCPXP-BK-US/G
Hardware PlatformPc
Item Weight6.7 ounces
Product Dimensions5.7 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H5.7 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches
hyperx pudding keycaps review

hyperx pudding keycaps review 1

Bought these for my K95 RGB with the understanding that the layouts weren’t completely identical. Other than the bottom row (space bar and modifier keys) everything fits well. These keycaps look amazing and I feel like they were totally worth the money, even taking into account the small incompatibilities.

Fits on razer huntsman TE. But you’ll need keycaps pins (not included on this set) I used the ones that came with the razer keycaps I bought few months ago. You’ll need this pins for space bar and shift key the other keycaps fit perfectly. The RGB light comes to life with this set of keycaps. 👍👍

My only issue with these caps is that one of the them (right shift) has markings from the mold ejection pins in the top surface of the key. The sheen is off enough on them that you can tell from the right angle. These marks are by no means obvious, but they are there. Despite the small flaw I’m still very happy with my purchase.

hyperx puddingkeycaps review#2

Added these to my hyperx alloy elite rgb and that they look fantastic! Can’t argue with the results, the LEDs are vivid and bright, and having such a lot of the lower a part of the keycap translucent just makes the entire thing pop. Gorgeous . i feel larger fonts would look a touch better on this, definitely improve the contrast, but again can’t complain.

hyperx pudding keycaps review

Only weird thing is that these are ostensibly made for keyboards from hyperx, but rather than getting a second windows key it comes with a function key. this suggests my right windows key’s wrong. It’s fine, I’m not dying, just weird. If you purchase this same keyboard, but with a 2 after it, it comes with these keycaps pre-installed and also has the right number of windows keys. A minor bummer, but whatev. they appear great!

hyperxpudding keycaps review#3

So I even have the Razer Blackwidow Elite (green razer switches) saw other reviews on here that said I could put these bad boys on there apart from like, most of rock bottom row or some such (Includong spacebar). Well I’m here to inform you that the sole keys not usable are the FN and print keys as you see within the photo, the trick is using the tool given the keys to detach the brackets from the first key , remove the clip wire from the keyboard, then insert one among the brackets into your new key and loop the bracket you only put in your new spacebar through the clip wire.

Now, without attaching the opposite bracket to the key , loop that on by itself then fasten it to the opposite end of your spacebar, you would like to try to to this because they sit just maybe a half millimeter wider, now you’ll reinsert the clip to the keyboard then just down on the key and youre golden💪 Now the keys are beautiful, feels solid. Great material and that i only gave 4 stars for brightness but thats really hooked in to your keyboard. Love these!

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